[SOLVED] Warning: program /usr/sbin/sensible-mda unsafe: No such file or directory

Error added: 2005-10-20T21:59:33Z

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you are missing the sensible-mda file,
you probably had synaptic(?) update your sendmail stuff, but you had that installed by selecting the sendmail items instead of the sendmail wrapper package. selecting the wrapper package will correct this, so does selecting sensible-mda e few lines below in all packages.

kr martin

Answer 479 (84.210526% helpful)

Install the sensible-mda package on Debian. This package should be a dependency of the sendmail metapackage.

Answer 836 (90.90909% helpful)

<b>Install the package using sudo apt-get install sensible-mda</b>

Answer 1414 (0.0% helpful)

Check that a) that your /var partition is not full, and b) that any filters (like dk-filter) are properly configured

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