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We of course, advise all people to read the fucking manual of any software that they are trying to install. However, there are times when that manual is so big, or so complicated, or so non-existent, or the software so rare/new, that it can't be done.
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ID Category Error message
6839 rust 1 [SOLVED] error: failed to run custom build command for `gmp-mpfr-sys v1.6.2`
6838 JsonPath Json-smart provider does not support TypeRef! Use a Jackson or Gson based provider
6837 1 [SOLVED] Execution repackage of goal org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-maven-plugin:3.2.5:repackage failed: Unable to find main class
6836 AWS timeout Connect to [] failed: Connect timed out
6835 AWS 1 [SOLVED] 1 validation error detected: Value null at '' failed to satisfy constraint: Member must not be null
6834 AWS SDK The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records.
6833 AWS IAM 1 Failed to add to user. Cannot exceed quota for PoliciesPerUser: 10
6832 AWS ECS CannotPullContainerError: pull image manifest has been retried 1 time(s): failed to resolve ref not found
6831 AWS SSM SSM run document invocation with id 4335256c-de6a-4da8-a742-dcf62269a630 has status FAILED.
6830 AWS System Manager Error - Fleet Manager is unable to start the session. InvalidDocument: Document with name SSM-SessionManagerRunShell does not exist.
6829 S3 After you or your AWS administrator has updated your permissions to allow the s3:ListBucket action, refresh the page.
6828 AWS 2 Global Accelerator couldn't complete your accelerator configuration To route traffic, you must add endpoints to your accelerator.
6827 4 AccessDeniedException: IAM user access not activated
6826 AWS This AWS Region is not supported.