If you use Syslog or Rsyslog, and wouldn't mind contributing your error messages, we'd love to receive your log messages.

It's easy to configure your system. Choose the instructions from the options below. Review the commands to ensure you are happy with them and then run the commands below as root.

Privacy warning

Please note - after following the instructions, your logs will be sent unencrypted over the internet. They may then be added on this site, and indexed by search engines. Any sensitive information (entering your password as a username for example) might end up logged and in public. Please only run these commands if you are happy with this.

echo '*.emerg,*.alert,*.crit,*.err  action(type="omfwd" target="" port="514" protocol="udp")' > /etc/rsyslog.d/
systemctl restart rsyslog

We reserve the right to drop messages, rate limit or block in the event of too much traffic