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We of course, advise all people to read the fucking manual of any software that they are trying to install. However, there are times when that manual is so big, or so complicated, or so non-existent, or the software so rare/new, that it can't be done.
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ID Category Error message
6220 Qubes 1 [SOLVED] Caution: default DispVM template has a different Network setting than this qube. Unexpected network access may occur!
6219 javax.crypto.AEADBadTagException: Tag mismatch!
6218 ACPI Error: Field [CAP1] at bit offset/length 64/32 exceeds size of target Buffer (64 bits) (20180810/dsopcode-201)
6217 ACPI Error: AE_AML_PACKAGE_LIMIT, Index (0x000000005) is beyond end of object (length 0x5) (20180810/exoparg2-396)
6216 intel_ish_ipc 0000:00:13.0: [ishtp-ish]: Timed out waiting for FW-initiated reset
6215 iTCO_wdt iTCO_wdt: can't request region for resource [mem 0x00c5fffc-0x00c5ffff]
6214 dmesg [drm:intel_pipe_update_end [i915]] *ERROR* Atomic update failure on pipe A (start=22636 end=22637) time 173 us, min 1073, max 1079, scanline start 1068, end 1080
6213 1 [SOLVED] Traffic Manager: President Edition failed to load. You can continue playing but it's NOT recommended. Traffic Manager will not work as expected.
6212 1 [SOLVED] ERROR: can't find the current version. Please try again later.
6211 Spring Security 1 [SOLVED] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: An AuthenticationManager must be set
6210 Docker 1 [SOLVED] Error response from daemon: open \\.\pipe\docker_engine_linux: The system cannot find the file specified.
6209 Xen 1 [SOLVED] can't add wlan0 to bridge xenbr0: Operation not supported
6208 no DB_CONFIG file found in directory ./data: (2).
6207 TcpTransportFactory 1 [SOLVED] path isn't a valid local location for TcpTransport to use
6206 Systemd 1 [SOLVED] Unknown lvalue 'PathModified' in section 'Service'
6205 Maven Groovy The value for annotation attribute MyClass.initializers must be a class literal
6204 testcontainers 1 [SOLVED] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Requested port (5432) is not mapped
6203 Spock 1 [SOLVED] org.spockframework.runtime.InvalidSpecException: Specification 'bah.blah' was not compiled properly (Spock AST transform was not run); try to do a clean build
6202 Postgres org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: Can't infer the SQL type to use for an instance of java.time.LocalDateTime. Use setObject() with an explicit Types value to specify the type to use.
6201 XML 1 2 [SOLVED] [org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 2; columnNumber: 33; External DTD: Failed to read external DTD '', because 'file' access is not allowed due to restriction set by the accessExternalDTD property.]
6200 Java 1 [SOLVED] javax.xml.bind.JAXBException: Implementation of JAXB-API has not been found on module path or classpath.

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