[SOLVED] oracle.jms.AQjmsException: JMS-137: Payload factory must be specified for destinations with ADT payloads

Error added: 2021-06-11T08:43:39Z

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Very hard to work out what the answer is with this.

I've been trying to use @JmsListener with AqJMS for quite a few hours now, and I just can't get past this problem.
There aren't really any good answers to it online, and the Oracle documentation isn't helpful.

The problem occurs as soon as I add
    public ConnectionFactory connectionFactory(DataSource dataSource) throws JMSException {
        return AQjmsFactory.getQueueConnectionFactory(dataSource);
to my Config class.

The Oracle JMS error page says "For destinations containing ADT messages, a CustomDatumFactory for a java class that maps to the SQL ADT type of the destination must be specified"

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